Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find you using a GPS?
What time does the garage close?
What is the daily rate?
Do you have special evening & weekend rates?
What is the evening rate and at what time of the day does it begin?
Do you offer rates for frequent high volume customers?
I drive an electric car. Where are the EV spaces?
I drive a van. Will it fit in Garage At Post Office Square?
What forms of payment are accepted at Garage At Post Office Square?
When paying for parking at the Garage by check, to whom should I make it payable to and to what address should the payment be sent?
Where is the closest ATM Machine?
Do you offer special rates on Holidays?

The Preferred Card FAQs

What is the current monthly parking rate?
How do I update my Preferred Card account information?
How do I cancel my Preferred Card account?

The Park Card FAQs

Is there a minimum amount of usage required on my Park Card account?
I’ve printed and completed my Park Card application. What is the next step?
I've submitted my Park Card application – how do I get my card?
Do I receive a 10% discount if I have forgotten my Park Card or pulled a transient parking ticket?
Do you provide statements of parking activity and expenses?
How do I know when I qualify for Free Night & Weekend parking?
How can I obtain a replacement for a lost Park Card?
How do I update my Park Card account information?
How do I cancel my Park Card account?
If I close my Park Card account, can I receive a refund for the remaining balance on my account?